New Coffee Street: Swatow Street


A few years ago there was a popular Canto pop song “Wedding card street”. It was about Lee Tung Street in Wan Chai district that used to be lined with shops selling wedding products, especially for printing wedding invitation cards.

Now there is another street in Wan Chai with a new name. Swatow Street has quickly become Coffee Street with a few additional cafes opening in the past few months. Cupping Room, with an award winning barista , has opened a new cafe here since the first one in Sheung Wan. Veygo Cafe has its roots from New Zealand with specialty in 3D coffee (3D foam on top) and tofu burger.

The one I went to was Manson’s Lot. The naming of the coffee shop has a story here:

The place has a good choice of coffees and artisan teas. I asked about the piccolo latte, but decided on the regular latte instead. The homemade cakes looked very yummy too, but I was very disciplined when I visited last week.

Maybe I should revisit soon to try out other goodies in this place, which is supposed to be one of the 17 best cafes in Hong Kong by HK Foodie magazine.

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